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"CIBO A REGOLA D'ARTE": The Neapolitan Verace wins over Milan

"CIBO A REGOLA D'ARTE": The Neapolitan Verace wins over Milan

Milan - It kicked off on Tuesday, May 19 in Milan, "Cibo a regola d’arte", the festival on good food organized by the Corriere della Sera, now in its third edition.

 Culture, tradition, creativity and innovation, but also people, places and memory. It took place in six days, from Tuesday 19th  to Sunday  24th of May, at the Triennale di Milano, which also hosted the exhibition Arts & Foods, the the only thematic area of Expo Milan 2015 held in the city.The Vera Pizza Napoletana was the star of one of the events with the highly popular fried pizzas by Gino Sorbillo and the innovative creations by Corrado Scaglione who performed in a show cooking very appreciated by the audience of fans, foodies and journalists. Still during the festival was presented by Massimo Di Porzio, the book "Water, yeast, salt and passion '. A large book, also available in English, full of photos that tells the story of the true Neapolitan pizza through the memories, the dreams, the recipes, the passion of the families of pizza makers who made the Verace so popular worldwide.