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Mozzeria Pizza Tour 2016

Mozzeria Pizza Tour 2016

Thanks also to a chain of solidarity made by our members, Mozzeria concluded a pizza tour that, starting from Kansas City, ended in Phoenix, passing from St Louis, Salt Lake City, Denver and Las Vegas.

A special mention goes to Caputo and Orlando Food, for putting available the flour, and to the AVPN members Racca’s (Denver), Settebello (Salt Lake City and Las Vegas), Pomo (Phoenix) and our friend Scott Sandler from Pizzeoli in Saint Louis for letting use their mixers, allowing to the Mozzeria food truck team to have available enough dough to fulfill the incredible amount of pizzas made during the tour.

Thanks to our special friend Russ and Melody from Mozzeria in San Francisco for their contribution in promoting the Neapolitan pizza in all the US