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AVPN, for the American Institute of Neuroscience the True Neapolitan Pizza is the most appreciated pizza in the States

AVPN, for the American Institute of Neuroscience the True Neapolitan Pizza is the most appreciated pizza in the States

AVPN resumes its travels to promote and spread the true Neapolitan pizza.

After the Sigep in Rimini (March 12-16), American stop in Las Vegas (March 22-24) and therefore a double date in France: in Toulouse (21 March) for the French Neapolitan Pizza Championship and in Paris (30-31 March) at Parizza, the largest European fair dedicated to pizza.

The neuromarketing research, which will be presented in Las Vegas, sees the true Neapolitan pizza beat the American style "sisters" in quality, tradition, flavor and healthiness. The presence of the brand is a fundamental motivation for the purchase. Growth peak on the East Coast.

The Vera Napoletana is therefore the most popular pizza in the United States. This is what emerges from a study that AVPN (Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana) commissioned from the American Institute of Neuroscience and which will be presented in Las Vegas (Nevada) on Tuesday 22 March as part of Pizza Expo and in particular at the meeting of the Association True Neapolitan Pizza. The tricolor product, in this sort of challenge based on the concepts of neuromarketing, an emerging discipline based on the application of neuroscientific knowledge and practices to marketing, beats the various American style pizzas for quality, tradition, flavor and wins hands down in the perception linked to the sector healthy. 

An important result obtained in a country that boasts a very close relationship with pizza to the point of being able to count on numerous variations: New York Style, Chicago Style, Detroit Style, California Style and many others, all lined up, in this particular one. ranking, from the beloved Vera Pizza Napoletana. And with other findings to underline: such as the exponential growth of 52% on the East Coast and the endorsement of the Vera Pizza Napoletana brand, a real driver of choice in the purchase intentions of the American consumer.

"A great satisfaction for those who, like us, have been promoting and disseminating the Verace in every corner of the world for years - explains Antonio Pace, AVPN President - And who comes at a terrible time like the one we are experiencing, a period where, more than ever, it is essential to open borders and try to live common experiences. And it is no coincidence that AVPN is involved, in the month of March, in a series of important events ". 

Indeed, the Association's agenda is quite hot. The first stop was the Sigep in Rimini (12-16 March) with workshops and seminars dedicated to enthusiasts and professionals. 

Then, as anticipated, it will then be the turn of Las Vegas where, from 22 to 24 March, the Pizza Expo will take place, a convention that will see the presence of the American affiliates of the association and where a competition between pizza chefs will take place. The prize will go to the winner of the Neapolitan Pizza category, with guaranteed access, with flight and accommodation, to the Pizza Olympics which will be held in Naples from 3 to 6 July. The appointment in Nevada will also offer the opportunity to announce the opening of the second school of Verace which will have its headquarters in Atlanta and which will complement the now historic one in Los Angeles. 

The same prize will go to the winner of the French Neapolitan Pizza Championship, scheduled in Toulouse on March 21st. 

Closing again in France, more precisely in Paris which, on 30 and 31 March, will host the Parizza, the most important European fair dedicated to pizza. A prestigious venue that will be the scene of the agreement between AVPN and 5 transalpine schools which will be accredited to the Association of true Neapolitan pizza.