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Pizzeria: Marino


Founded in 1934, this Restaurant Pizzeria is placed near the Castel dell'Ovo and the sea front, in the best Hotel Area of Naples. The song "Santa Lucia Luntana" recall everywhere in the world memories of Naples and the feeling of people who lives abroad loving Naples, and the Restaurant is locat in Via Santa Lucia.
Wellknown for his good quality pizza and for seafood, it gave hospitality to lots of celebrities, Agnelli, Ava Gardner, Totò, Re Faruk and the King of Spain Juan Carlos.
This Restaurant it's also very popular between the neapolitans and it has been running from the same family for more than 70 years.
The menù includes the traditional course, from the starters to the main, passing through the delicious neapolitan cakes (Rum babàs and pastiera above all!!), and don't forget to taste the verace pizza napoletana, served according to AVPN rules.
You'll have a meal in a friendly and familiar atmosphere, and you really fell home.
Pizzeria: Marino
Pizzeria: Marino
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