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Pizzeria: Punch


Known simply as Punch by locals, this little spot in Highland Park is owned and operated by Italian-born restaurateur John Soranno. Twin City residents simply love their Punch Pizza and know a good slice when they taste it. The pizza's popularity can be credited to the high quality ingredients. The cooks use crushed tomatoes imported from Naples, as well as red peppers, mushrooms and olives from the Mediterranean.

All of the pies are cooked inside a wood-burning brick oven and come in either Chicago deep-dish or New York thin-crust styles. Along with pizzas, this eatery also serves Caesar salads, chocolate turtle tortes, calzones and panini. The atmosphere is extremely casual, with a couple dozen tables tightly squeezed into one dining room. All items are available for either dine-in or takeout.
Amie Leavitt
Pizzeria: Punch
Pizzeria: Punch
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