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Pizzeria: Rocco e i suoi fratelli

Rocco e i suoi fratelli

Rocco e i suoi Fratelli is a restaurant - pizzeria known by all. In the district is so well known that if you have to indicate a path to someone, a street not far from "Rocco", you say, "comes from Rocco, then take the road to the left and go forward." When you enter from Rocco, before going to your table, take a moment to hear the sounds and smells of the kitchen. Above all, take a moment to look at the skill of the employees. The kitchen is there in front of you, in plain view, and you can see Dominic and his helpers busy at the stove. To see them at work, it seems that the art of cooking is simple thing... But no: it is that they are really good! It shows that they are from fifty years (since 1974) and have always known and appreciated by all.

Eating well by "Rocco" is very easy: just tell Enzo (the maitre) that you want to taste some typical dishes. You can taste the fantastic appetizers, prepared with fresh ingredients of the day, and changed the fantasies of our Chef (Domenico). Also you will find only a Mediterranean cuisine that uses the best products of our land, of the highest quality and freshness.

Or, if you prefer to eat the real Neapolitan pizza, you have to entrust to the sympathy of Cyrus and his expert hands. Ciro is extraordinary: watching you, with his way of doing a little mocking, and understand what your reaction is the pizza you will like the most.

You may not believe it, but there it is !!!
Pizzeria: Rocco e i suoi fratelli
Pizzeria: Rocco e i suoi fratelli
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