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Pizzeria: Ambiente Pizza Nuova

Ambiente Pizza Nuova

We'd like our pizza to stay in your heart, not in your stomach. Every good cook will tell you that the secret of delicious food lies in fresh ingredients of quality, but it's not everything. The best parmesan comes from Parma and no one in the world can make a better one. The best mozzarella is from Campania and the best tomatoes are grown around Naples. Why? It is the strong tradition in particular which doesn't allow people to change old customs. It won't let swap manual work for modern technology to make the production easier and cheaper. We are pleased to bake for you the traditional Naples-like pizza of a pure taste using the best tomatoes and mozzarella. Our pizza is hand rolled according to the guarded tradition of Verace Pizza Napoletana. Everything you find on it was prepared by hand in order to create a fresh and tasty meal like in places where good pizza is not a matter of profit but of one's pride and heart.
Pizzeria: Ambiente Pizza Nuova
Pizzeria: Ambiente Pizza Nuova
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