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Pizzeria: The Kitchen Salvatore Cuomo Shangai

The Kitchen Salvatore Cuomo Shangai

The scene of chefs cooking in spacious kitchen open to dining area characterizes the lively atmosphere of "The Kitchen-Salvatore Cuomo", and it spices up your dining experience. Chef Salvatore's dishes arrive to the table very fresh and gorgeous. Enjoy authentic Neapolitan cuisine in the "Kitchen Style."
Shanghai Eats Editorial Review:
Decent Italian with beautiful views of the Bund.
The Kitchen Salvatore Cuomo, one of the newest additions the already crowded Shanghai Italian restaurant scene, comes all the way from Japan where the brand first began. Apparently, Salvatore is "the man" in Nagoya, Kyoto, and Tokyo - and he is looking to do the same in China.
What separates The Kitchen Salvatore Cuomo from its Shanghainese Italian counterparts is the view - no other Italian eatery comes close to dishing out the view that Salvatore does. If you are in search of a beautiful view of the Bund with a good Italian dishes, including the true "neapolitan pizza" of whom Salvatore and his Saff are master then "The kitchen" has a table waiting for you.
Pizzeria: The Kitchen Salvatore Cuomo Shangai
Pizzeria: The Kitchen Salvatore Cuomo Shangai
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