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Pizzeria: L'Antico Molo

L'Antico Molo

This Restaurant and Pizzeria is located near the oldest Pozzuoli area named Rione Terra. The Restaurant, just in front of the Pozzuoli gulf, offer both Restaurant sea cousine and Pizza. The gossip is that the owner, the executive Chef and the Pizzaiolo surname is 'Pizza', a sort of guarantee for the customers. The Pizza Brothers won several exhibition and the most renomed dishes, apart from the Verace pizza napoletana od Doc, like the owner use to call it, are the "Genovese di mare" (seafood and onions sauce) and the Spaghetti with Soffritto di mare, similar to the typical neapolitan soffritto (made with pork intestines and lung), but cooked with seafood.
The restaurant is closed on mondays
Pizzeria: L'Antico Molo
Pizzeria: L'Antico Molo
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