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Pizzeria: Casa de Rinaldi

Casa de Rinaldi

Salvatore de Rinaldi passion for the pizza was born in the family business, the pizzeria "Stella" where his father used to serve the Verace pizza napoletana since 1950 until the seventies.
In the 1989, after years spent all around the world trying to achieve new skill and experience about food, above all pizza napoletana, he stopped at La Thuile - Aosta where he opened a brand new restaurant pizzeria named "La Fordze" and build a new brand, personal trademark: "Sasà pizza mia".
After many years in which the business and the activity has been growing very much, he decided togheter with his wife Rosa, to come back to his origins: Naples.
He opened in the wellknown quartier of Vomero a new Pizzeria, Named "La taverna di Bacco", a tribute to Bacchus, the divinity representing the wine, adding his trademark "sasà pizza mia".
Now he runs the restaurant pizzeria togheter with his family, and there you can meet also Rosa, his cheereful wife.
Pizzeria: Casa de Rinaldi
Pizzeria: Casa de Rinaldi
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