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Pizzeria: Pizzeria Funiculì

Pizzeria Funiculì

Funiculì it's a typical and tiny neapolitan pizzeria, showing a piece of Naples in the small but wonderful tuscany town of Lucca.
The owner Patrizia Masullo togheter with his daughter Anna and his son-in-law Stefano take care of the pizzeria and of the customers. The Neapolitan technical skill, the products coming from Naples and the wood-burning oven assure the quality of the pizza, we can definitely state as "real neapolitan".
You can take the pizza away or you can also have a quick pizza meal inside the little shop, speaking with the family! Very cool.
The menu is composed also by other kind of pizza: try the "Luna Rossa", the "malafemmena" or the "Funiculì" recalling the pizzeria name.
Pizzeria: Pizzeria Funiculì
Pizzeria: Pizzeria Funiculì
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