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Pizzeria: Tutta Bella (Westlake)

Tutta Bella (Westlake)

Welcome to the Tutta Bella Westlake home page. We are thrilled to be a part of Seattle's newest and rapidly growing neighborhood, South Lake Union. Whether you are a current or future resident, a businessperson, or just a visitor exploring the face of a new neighborhood, we invite you to experience this unique and stunning addition to the Tutta Bella family. Every seat in the house is the best seat in the house whether you are perched in the loft with an eagle eye's view of the kitchen and dining room or you are sipping an aperitivo or specialty cocktail while taking in the killer view of the Space Needle on one of our patios. Enjoy a quick bite and watch the fire roar in Carolina, our wood-fired oven, while sitting at our thirty foot long chef's table that was beautifully created from an old growth elm that fell in the windstorm of 2006. Tutta Bella Westlake offers one of the most authentic and unique cocktail lists in the city, inspired by southern Italy and comprised solely of grappa, Italian aperitivi and digestivi while using only the freshest ingredients. Reserve the loft for your next business luncheon or our intimate wine room for your next get together whether it´s before the opera, after the theater or just because it´s the perfect place to watch the sunset. Tutta Bella Westlake is proud to offer you our vision of a Neapolitan pizzeria and wine bar.
R.C. Jennings
General Manager of Tutta Bella Westlake

Pizzeria: Tutta Bella (Westlake)
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