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Pizzeria: Pizzeria Napulè

Pizzeria Napulè

The fatherland of pizza is Naples, the most Italian city of Italy. The keys for making a true Neapolitan pizza are: to use a proper flour, yeast, salt and water (no fat, no oil!); to roll out "the pie" by hands only (no rolling pins!); to bake it in a wood-burning oven, on its immediate bottom (no frying pans!); to bake it through but not to dry it out (cooking time is 60-90 seconds). Fairly simple, eh?! One more thing: pizza lives at most 15-20 minutes, that's why "delivery" - only to your table in pizzeria. Our pizzaiolo comes from Naples (signor Giuseppe Irollo, aka Peppe); our wood stove is built by a Neapolitan master (signor Stefano Ferrara) from proper Neapolitan materials (tufa stone and refractory bricks); our choice of flour is Caputo Rosso 00 from Naples. We cook about 20 kinds of pizza.
Pizzeria: Pizzeria Napulè
Pizzeria: Pizzeria Napulè
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