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Pizzeria: Osteria Drago Verde

Osteria Drago Verde

... You already know something about Green Dragon maybe, if you passed by Lungacque, near Hobbyville, in the district of...
The history of the Drago Verde Osteria Pizzeria goes back in 2004. During a extremely freezing evening two good friends (Piero Mosso e Andrea Amati), both working in a Restaurant as employee, were complaining about the Restaurant and the owner drinking a good grappa and dreaming about opening a new activity... actually they were in a state of inebriation that couldn't decide anything!
The next morning they met with the strong feeling of building a new enterprice and they were speaking about when an old and wise man, catch up with them and listening at their speech give a good advise: Let's open a new Restaurant. And so did they!
Today the Neapolitan pizzaiolo Antonio who has been working and producing neapolitan pizza for fifteen years works for them trying to serve the real neapolitan pizza according to the tradition and to the local habits. There is a gossip about Antonio: It seems that he was born handing a peels!!!
Pizzeria: Osteria Drago Verde
Pizzeria: Osteria Drago Verde
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