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Pizzeria: Flatbread


Flatbread Community Oven in the old mill district in Bend Specializes in Serving True Neapolitan Pizzas with Passion!
FCO is one of only 28 restaurants in the United States to carry the esteemed VPN certification. Central to our theme is the 900 degree wood-fired "community" oven.
Taking advantage of the intense heat allows us to create a varied menu with a focus on culinary quality that seals in the vivid flavors. In addition to our Neapolitan Pizza, we serve several rustic dishes such as: slow roasted lasagnas, market-fresh prepared-to-order salads, freshly baked focaccia sandwiches and delectable desserts accompanied by a fine selection of wine and beer.
All ingredients are brought in fresh and prepared daily with care. The only thing we love more than fine, wood-fired pizza is the perfect glass of wine to accompany it.
The best thing about wine is that , while some truths are universal (like Cabernet will have more tannin than Pinot Noir, and South American Malbec's tend to be "earthy"), wine preference is highly individual and two people can get remarkably different tastes from the same bottle of wine.
It is in this spirit of loving the individuality of wine that our wine specialists have created 2 rigorous tests to find the prefect glass of wine for you before you even go out to Flatbread Community Oven to enjoy our fun wine and fine pizza!
Pizzeria: Flatbread
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