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Pizzeria: Pepperoncino


Does anyone remember the "pazzariello", a man who used to walk in Naples all around the Spanish quartiers trying to get the tourists attention saying: "Attenzione, battaglione e asciuto pazzo 'o padrone..." and dancing a sort of tarantella; he became a sort of modern Pulcinella...
The night of the 25th of August during the 'Pepperoncino' opening everyone missed him... but it was the only neapolitan icons missing. Neapolitan Pizza, Ragù, babà e Sfogliatella were served by Gerardo Langella, the founder of Ristorante 'Al cenacolo' too.
The mix of full colored rooms and the wonderful food smell reminds that 'corner of heaven' that is the gulf of Naples: when you open the restaurant door you could feel returning in a piece of land where love, friendship, music and food still allow happiness and weelness at our life.
Pizzeria: Pepperoncino
Pizzeria: Pepperoncino
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