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Pizzeria: Via Tribunali (Queen Anne)

Via Tribunali (Queen Anne)

Our Queen Anne location feels like a corner Pizzeria in Naples - but a bit more polished. Perfect for families, and small groups and just a short walk from the main shopping strip along Queen Anne avenue. Expect a small jewel sized bar, warm hand blown light fixtures, ample booths, and a tucked away mezzanine. Reservations for groups of 6 or more recommended.
317 W Galer
Seattle, WA
(206) 264-7768

Dinner Only.

Sunday - Saturday, 5pm - 11pm

Happy Hour:
5-7pm Sunday - Thursday ($3 well drinks, $3 peroni, 25% of take-away pizza)
Pizzeria: Via Tribunali (Queen Anne)
Pizzeria: Via Tribunali (Queen Anne)
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