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Pizzeria: Pizzeria Tonino Tokyo

Pizzeria Tonino Tokyo

Antonio di Massa, Pizzaiolo and owner of "Tonino's pizzeria" was born on 14th of april 1970 in Ischia, the wonderful and wellknown island inside the gulf of Naples. His professional grown started when his only seven years old, thanks to one of the Ischia's oldest and skilled master pizzaiolo, Tonino Troncone. When he was 13 he met Gaetano Fazio and worked with him in hia pizzeria in Ischia until he was 28 learning more and more about the neapolitan pizza and mediterranean cousine.
Then he opened this Neapolitan Style and Cousine pizzeria in Tokyo.
From the Italy to Japan and again to Italy with 'Furore', someone should say!
The menù is full of typical ingredient of the mediterranean diet, with the "real neapolitan pizza" as "superstar".
Tonino organizes also special dinner, events and wine tasting for his affectionate customers.
Enjoy a piece of Naples in Tokyo!
Pizzeria: Pizzeria Tonino Tokyo
Pizzeria: Pizzeria Tonino Tokyo
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