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Pizzeria: Pizzeria Pulcinella

Pizzeria Pulcinella

Cosi si mangia la pizza a Napoli - Just like eating pizza in Naples

The name of the pizzeria, Pulcinella (pool chee'nel la) is a character from the 17th century Italian Commedia dell'Arte that is widely recognized as the symbol of Naples. The culture demonstrated in the pizzeria represents the passion Pulcinella and Neapolitans have for food, wine and life.
The centerpiece of the pizzeria is the Valoriani wood fire oven from Italy. A favorite oven of Pizzaioli (pizza chefs) in Naples and throughout Italy, the oven design allows the pizza to be baked in about 90 seconds at a temperature of 800-900 degrees, which is a key element of authentic Neapolitan pizza.
The consistency of "Pizza Napoletana" is tender and elastic allowing for easy cutting or folding. Expect a taste typical of freshly baked bread with the savory flavors of the San Marzano tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil. Following tradition in Italy, the pizzas, about 12" in diameter, will be served uncut for you to slice into bite size portions to be eaten with a fork or to cut into larger slices to be folded and eaten by hand.
Vince and Carla will host you in such a wonderful and tender way you can't go away anymore!
Buon Appetito
Pizzeria: Pizzeria Pulcinella
Pizzeria: Pizzeria Pulcinella
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