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400 Gradi

400 Gradi was opened in November 2008. Giovanni Di Francesco one of the owners has been making pizza's since he was 12 years old. At 19 he opened his first pizzeria. He then went on to opening takeaway pizzerias and created a small franchise of 5 stores. Giovanni was featured in the PMQ Magazine an American publication which also has a division in Australia.
After 13 years of operating these pizzeria's he decided to go back to his original roots and open a wood fire pizzeria. Giovanni's father was born and raised in Mignano Monte Lungo.
400 Gradi was nominated, top 20 best pizzeria's in Melbourne, after only 6 months of operation, by The Age Magazine, a major news paper in Melbourne. 400 Gradi was also listed in the top 5 in this magazine.
We at 400 Gradi follow all the requirements of the VPN and will be honoured to be part of the VPN.

Channelling an authentic Napoli pizzeria e cucina, 400 Gradi, or "400 Degrees" after Italian translation, turns up the heat with its popular woodfired pizzas and other staple Italian dishes. Local Lygon Street good-food foragers have embraced this eatery with gusto, perhaps because of the high-quality toppings used on the pizzas. One example is the Guancia specialty, with San Marzano tomato, fiore di latte, pancetta, funghi and olives. The menu covers ample variations of seafood, meat and vegetarian pizzas and pastas, and kids can also join in on the fun with special children's servings.
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