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Pizzeria: Dante


Dante is set to be Omaha´s first certified Neapolitan Pizzeria. Utilizing the areas fantastic bounty of local produce as well as products from Italy such as San Marzano tomatoes and Caputo flour - Dante has a devout commitment to product, environment and hospitality. Chef/owner Nick Strawhecker oversees the menu which also features fresh pasta, house made mozzarella and other seasonal Italian dishes.
Nick is certified by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (VERA) whose mission is to protect and preserve the Neapolitan pizza tradition and promote the craft of pizza making. The organization also certifies professional pizza makers in the tradition of Neapolitan Pizza.
Here you can enjoy Italian regional classics and wood-fired Neapolitan Pizza served around the centuries-old game of bocce ball.
Bocce is one of the oldest games on earth. Though this unique precision game owes its origins to ancient games played around 5200 B.C., it was developed into its present form by Italians, and is now played all throughout Europe as both a competitive sport and a form of casual fun with friends and family. Thanks to many Italian immigrants at the turn of the century, Bocce has come to flourish in the United States.
Pizzeria: Dante
Pizzeria: Dante
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