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Pizzeria: Ristorante Cavallino

Ristorante Cavallino

Every bite tells a story
Cavallino is the first restaurant that opened next to the Ferrari factory in the 1940´s. It´s where Enzo dined. It´s where the Ferrari executives dine today, and now it´s where you can experience the same passion for Italian cuisine.

At Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Ristorante Cavallino offers a casual yet elegant dining experience, where the tranquil Emilia Romagna landscape blends with the most refined culinary techniques. Make your selections, and watch as a world-class chef revs up the kitchen for your dining pleasure. You can ask also for Verace pizza napoletana. Complete with a six-seat, exclusive bar noted for its unique Italian beverage list, Cavallino´s reputation is bound to travel beyond the iconic red roof. Oh, and when you want to complement the chef just say, ‘molto buono´.
Pizzeria: Ristorante Cavallino
Pizzeria: Ristorante Cavallino
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