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Pizzeria: Pizzeria Vesi

Pizzeria Vesi

The name Vesi is mostly tied to the tradition of pizza. Founded by his grandfather "Don Ciccio" in 1921, has been perfected over time through the experiences gained in the most successful Neapolitan pizzerias of those times and which still represent the temple of true Neapolitan pizza.
But his name has never figured among them because, as history has often taught us, the virtues and glories are not always assigned to the proper authorities. For years, so, his experience and his art have encouraged the growth and the emergence of many pizzerias, but without saying who was the creator of that success. But today, thanks to the experience handed down from father to son and to grandchildren, the Vesi family can justly and deservedly with proud be considered the real pizzamakers by tradition.
Gathered in two hands this great heritage, Joseph and Ferdinand Vesi begin to materialize that, perhaps for many is a folly but for them is a dram to realize.
They start where everything has originated, their origin, the historical center of Naples, the Naples of the shepherds and mangers, of the narrow streets, of churches and clothes hanging like flags in the wind ... where the time seems to stand still. " San Biagio Street, we start from here. "
A dream? Perhaps it is not any more
Vesi pizzamakers by tradition ... and not only.
Pizzeria: Pizzeria Vesi
Pizzeria: Pizzeria Vesi
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