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Pizzeria: Quattro Quarti

Quattro Quarti

The story of the Vuolo family goes back to the end of 1908, when the grand grandmother Spavone Mary called "Zenella" had at the "Borgo Loreto" a small business visited by fishermen. This activity was continued by his grandmother Assunta Vuolo called "A TRESOR" that means the treasury view its beauty. Over the years, thanks to the goodness and the quality of her pizza, she opened several shops near the church of the Carmine. The last one was opened on a San Eligio street, before the Second World War. Even today you can see the old chimney. Together with her at the tender age of 7 began to work the father, Vuolo Henry, to help his widowed mother. Grown up he left home for Florence, where he remained for many years and continued his activity, but then taken by nostalgia for his beautiful Naples returned and opened a pizzeria in Barra called "Uncle Henry". Also the Guglielmo´s passion was born when he was very small: in fact after school every day he went to his father´s pizzeria, where he spent most of his time. After graduation he decided that the passion born when he was a child was what he wanted to do in life. During his career he made us know and appreciate the quality of his pizza by putting the same passion that he later gave to two of his sons, Henry & Valerio, who now work together with him, with the same passion that distinguishes the Vuolo family always. With them it is the sixth generation of pizzamakers. For Vuolos pizza is an art to be passed down from father to son ...
Pizzeria: Quattro Quarti
Pizzeria: Quattro Quarti
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