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Pizzeria: Castellano - Le Pizze di Luca

Castellano - Le Pizze di Luca

Since 1923, four generations, the secrets of the traditional Neapolitan pizza, are guarded and handed down today by Luca Castellano. His great-grandparents founded in the historic center of Naples, the Trianon pizzeria, today, this ancient art can be enjoyed with the pizzas Luca Castellano, master pizzaiolo. Every day, at dusk and dawn, the hands of Luke, the water and the flour to make a soft dough dance, light, easy to digest; in his eyes the memory of familiar gestures, an art that can only be learned by living. 2016 brings a new project for the Castellano family. A new identity, a new name, a change to give strength to the choice of using local quality products for our pizzas, to enhance the PIZZEPURE (strictly Margherita and Marinara) Luca Castellano, characterized by a light dough enriched with local products as the fragrant oregano Punta Campanella. The future is built today, starting with excellence. Discover our new menu. The pizza Luca Castellano: between tradition and innovation with Napoli in the heart.
Pizzeria: Castellano - Le Pizze di Luca
Pizzeria: Castellano - Le Pizze di Luca
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