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Pizzeria: Pizza e Pazzi

Pizza e Pazzi

What makes authentic Neapolitan pizza so special? Authentic Neapolitan Pizza is a thing of beauty designed to delight with every bite. Like an insatiable desire to rip it to picces in a fit of passion, you won't stop until you've devoured it.
Its ingredients consist of a palette of delirious flavours. The tart like tinge of the San
Marzano tomatoes add a sweet quality to the soft, blistered, flame-licked bed of
Mozzarella di buffala in itself is a work of art. The dance between the artist and the cream while sacks of curds are tossed together to formulate a masterpiece, laced with a savoury after taste, and a big piece of umm umm good. Now imagine it flown in for your dining delight and freckled onto your pizza. A dash of melted basil for your pleasure.
Pizzeria: Pizza e Pazzi
Pizzeria: Pizza e Pazzi
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