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Pizzeria: Pizzeria Luciano

Pizzeria Luciano

Take a big bowl, put in the exciting life of Moscow, add the flavor and the taste of Naples, blend two school friends grown in the catering sector, and garnish with the talented Konstantin Ivlev, a few minutes before waiting on table put on the friendly mood of the staff.
This is not a simple recipe out of a cookbook, but it's the recipe to "prepare" for you the "Luciano" Restaurant.
Once in the restaurant, they will take you to the isle of the Italian pleasure!
The "Luciano" Restaurant is composed by two main areas:
On the first floor there's the bar where you can choose the most delicious pie or order a fresh cake made by our pastry chefs.
On the second floor there's the restaurant, where comfortable sofas, soft lightings and white tablecloths create a particular mood for your comfort.
As for the cuisine, we decided to do something different from the typical Russian cuisine, making a menu with new purposes for Moscow, doing some Neapolitan cuisine and a bit of Tuscan too.
In addition to the "food pleasures" the Luciano Restaurant offer to his guests a special "Menu for kids" and a funny show each day, for a lot of laughs, balloons and gifts.
Caring about kids for "Luciano" is not only about shows, we support those who need an assistance from the adults. The guests of "Luciano" can do charity work without leaving the restaurant. The 1% of the amount of every invoice will be given to charity for the support of the daycare centers
Pizzeria: Pizzeria Luciano
Pizzeria: Pizzeria Luciano
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