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Pizzeria: Pizzeria Volare

Pizzeria Volare

First begun its serving to customers starting from June of 2010, Pizzeria Volare is located at the little French town in Seoul, Korea, a town where most of the French and Italian restaurants are clustered.
Doowon Chung, owner and pizzaiolo of the pizzeria, has long been dedicated to introduce and serve traditional Italian dishes to its local customers. In order to achieve this ambition, Mr. Chung has strived to capture the essence of true Italian subtlety by actually studying and working at a number of institutions and restaurants located in Italy.
After earning his certificate at the ICIF, Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners, he began his first working experience at Ristorante All'Enoteca, One-Michelin-star ristorante located in Canale (CN), Italy. His thirst for true Neapolitan pizza was finally satisfied when he worked as a pizzailo at Pizzeria Brandi, located in Naples, Italy.
The main motto of Pizzeria Volare is to serve our customers with originality, comfort, and friendly access to Italian cuisine. Cozily lit, furnished with comfortable wooden tables and bars, all the dishes are served daily from 11:30 am to 10:30 pm, seven days a week.
Featuring only Italian wines and other famous champagne and sparkling wines, all menus are within reasonable price range so that our customers could feel financially comfortable while enjoying their each occasion. Despite its relatively short history of operation, Pizzeria Volare has already been patronized by a crowd that appreciates socializing over Italian wines with traditional Italian food.
Pizzeria: Pizzeria Volare
Pizzeria: Pizzeria Volare
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