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Pizzeria: Viva Napoli

Viva Napoli

The concept: Giustino Iorio wants his customers to experience Naples in Toronto. Yes, that means Neapolitan pizza, but it also means Neapolitan music, staff and décor. Iorio lived in Naples for 11 years and returns there frequently for pleasure, business and of course, pizza, which he says gives him an edge. An authentic Neapolitan pizza should be served by an authentic Neapolitan, he says
Anyone familiar with Neapolitan pizza will recognize Viva Napoli´s rubric: high-quality Italian flour; San Marzano D.O.P tomato sauce; ultra-thin crusts cooked at high temperatures for low durations; not to mention the wood-burning oven from Naples. Iorio had to tear down a wall to get the behemoth inside.
. ViVa Napoli prides itself on authentic pizza Napoletana, so much so they import the flour for their dough, the tomatoes for their sauce, and their olive oil. But, it's the dough that is the hallmark of a truly great Neapolitan pizza - it should be ultra thin, tender, and with a puffed, crisp, slightly charred crust.
Inside, the restaurant is modern and cool, while still managing to hold a certain amount of rustic charm. The tables have fantastic uneven wood tops. The walls are soft grey exposed brick work, and clean white paint covers the ceiling and many fixtures that would otherwise look too industrial for the space. Best of all, when you look to back of the restaurant, you can see the amazing stone oven in all of it's glory.
Pizzeria: Viva Napoli
Pizzeria: Viva Napoli
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