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Pizzeria: Pizza e Vino

Pizza e Vino

John Corsi opened Pizza e Vino Cellar 849 so he could make the kind of pizza he longed for but couldn´t find in Michigan. He started with an Italian-built wood-burning, domed, stone oven able to cook at a temperature of over 900 degrees. He wanted guests to feel like they were being treated to the warmth and comfort of a close friend´s home, so he placed the oven at the heart of Cellar 849´s interior.

Since there isn´t a place in the world where pizza is more ingrained in the culture than Naples, Italy, Pizza e Vino Cellar 849 utilizes the same centuries-old techniques that Neapolitan masters use to create a truly authentic pizza. The world´s finest San Marzano tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, traditional Neapolitan dough, highest quality ingredients and flame-blackened blisters on the crust form the foundation of the pizza, but the true craft is in mastering the wood-fired oven.
Pizzeria: Pizza e Vino
Pizzeria: Pizza e Vino
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