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Pizzeria: Ammaccàmm


"Ammaccàmm", the new format created by the entrepreneur Nicola Taglialatela, who has already signed the "Peperino - Pizza & Cucina Verace" chain, exporting the Neapolitan Pizza Verace to Milan, Pordenone, Trieste, Udine, Gorizia, Verona and Turin. Ammaccàmm is the return to the Neapolitan territory, respect of the disciplinary pizza verace and constant study for the evolution, in a certain sense, of the pizza itself: the use of a blend of flours selected in collaboration with Molino Agugiaro & Figna is introduced ( 5 seasons). Hence the creation of flour called "Triticuma". Local ingredients of superior quality are characteristics that make Ammaccàmm in Pozzuoli a truly unique pizzeria, without equal in its kind. A traditional Neapolitan pizzeria that also looks to innovation. The main feature are the many doughs made by our true pizza chefs who will lead you into a true "taste experience" allowing you to personalize your pizza. The menus follow seasonality, taking care to offer the right ingredients at the right time. There are also mixtures for gluten intolerant.
Pizzeria: Ammaccàmm
Pizzeria: Ammaccàmm
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