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Pizzeria: Etica Pizzeria

Etica Pizzeria

Our menu is modest, we do not intend to innovate with our food, only serve the food we love and eat at home. We use family recipes as well as those learnt whilst abroad.
We serve a selection of mozzarella in true tribute to the Neapolitan lifestyle.
Our range of mozzarella is created by the talented Giorgio Linguanti in Melbourne. Fortunately, we receive the mozzarella within 24 hours of its creation, so it is bursting with its natural flavor and aroma.
At Etica we´re not just producing pizza, we are crafting la pizza napoletana. We create our pizza by the same methods pizzaioli in Naples have been using since the nineteenth century.
Our pizza dough is created with our slow-rising organic sourdough / sea salt / flour from Naples / water. Nothing else.
We prepare and age our dough over a 30 hour period.
We hand stretch our dough and use the finest ingredients to dress our pizza such as organic D.O.P. San Marzano tomatoes and fresh-made mozzarella.
Our pizza is cooked in an authentic hand made wood-oven custom built for us in Naples.
Our oven´s cooking temperature of around 450° C blast-cooks the pizza, locking in the flour´s natural taste and moisture, which gives an irresistibly tender crust.
Pizzeria: Etica Pizzeria
Pizzeria: Etica Pizzeria
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