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Fuoco is Italian for Fire, one of the crucial elements needed to make an authentic Pizza Napoletana. Our fire burns at nearly 1000 degrees, fueled only by wood in our hand-made oven.
This oven is hand-built near Naples, Italy using volcanic sand from Mt. Vesuvius, Santa Maria bricks from the Campania region of Italy and Biscotto di Sorrento from Sorrento, Italy, it can handle the extreme temperatures required to make this unique product.
Pizza was created in Napoli. The traditions and specifications that were implemented over 200 years ago still stand there today, and we are proud to uphold them to bring this authentic flavor to you.
A pizza Napoletana is made from a soft dough which is naturally leavened using very little yeast and lots and lots of time. This makes for a very light and easily digestible pizza. The baking process takes only 90 seconds and the result is an airy and somewhat charred crust full of smoky flavor.
The only way to create these authentic flavors is to import all of our main ingredients from Italy. Extra fine double zero "00" flour and San Marzano tomatoes, both from Napoli are essential.
A trained pizzaiolo, or pizza maker, is the key to combining the ingredients with the oven and making an authentic product. We are a family of pizzaioli, and are proud to carry this tradition into the third generation.

"Kest e´ pizza!"
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Pizzeria: Fuoco
Pizzeria: Fuoco
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