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Pizzeria: Grazie Napoli

Grazie Napoli

One day in Naples it was enough because we had the certainty that the pizza was absolutely special. The lightness, the quality of the products, the passion and pride of the Neapolitans have convinced us.
The interest grew and we started the search. We found in New York pizzerias make the true Neapolitan pizza, respecting the tradition, but bringing forward new flavors and innovations. We were then to visit these places and we were surprised and impressed.
The next step was to leave for Naples and participation to a course AVPN, where the standards of the Grazie Napoli pizzeria began to be developed. We have also learned the technique of Naples, after knowing the producers of flour, tomato and mozzarella.
We have completed his internship at two pizzeria in the city: Al 22 and Attilio. It was an incredible experience to know these people so that they take their job seriously and follow the tradition.
Besides that, we were very well received and we have learned a lot with them.
We, "Grazie Napoli", we want you to feel the same welcome we received reciprocate and offer our clients the experience of tasting the Vera Pizza Napoletana
Pizzeria: Grazie Napoli
Pizzeria: Grazie Napoli
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