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Pizzeria: Riva Türkenstraße

Riva Türkenstraße

Alessandro d'Ambrosio origin Italian, Neapolitan and indeed in the blood so it has always had a passion for everything that is Naples.
The local pool (Summerstage) comes from the idea of bringing the True Neapolitan Pizza in Vienna. The dough is made ​​using Italian flour, natural and without preservatives added, imported from Naples. The same goes for the tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella DOC
RIVA was the first pizzeria certified AVPN in Vienna. And now an encore with the second pizzeria Riva Türkenstraße. And even here the peculiarity is that you can enjoy an excellent strictly true Neapolitan pizza cooked in a wood oven.
Fatte 'na pizza, lievete 'o sfizio.
Pizzeria: Riva Türkenstraße
Pizzeria: Riva Türkenstraße
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