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Pizzeria: Pizzeria Antichi Sapori

Pizzeria Antichi Sapori

In a building dating from the end 800 which reflected the whole beauty of the period, has risen a place where time seems to have stopped, where the palates can discover tastes almost forgotten. The baking in the oven and on the grill emphasize the mastery of those, this craft does always with professionalism and dedication, for those who can recognize an art in simple things ... THE PIZZA ..
The love and passion for this art, cultivated the age of 15 years passed from an ancient family of Neapolitan pizza masters for three generations, has allowed Franco Barbato, to continue carrying on an ancient tradition but alive and present in the world, "the pizza."
Pizzeria: Pizzeria Antichi Sapori
Pizzeria: Pizzeria Antichi Sapori
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