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Pizzeria: Il Pizzaiolo

Il Pizzaiolo

Il pizzaiolo (Il. pit.sai.yo.lo) or "the pizza maker" is about creating genuine Neapolitan pizza.

The menu is simple and classic with strong Italian influences. The aim is to showcase and produce pizza the way it was intended in the tradition of artisan pizza masters, with utmost respect for the science behind the method and using only fresh and quality ingredients.

The owner, Francesco Deni, has been successful in the restaurant industry for over 22 years. The vision of 'Il pizzaiolo' lead Frank to further refine his expertise of Neapolitian pizza. He travelled overseas to gain exclusive certification from the VPN Association (Association of Vera Pizza Napoletana) or the Association of True Neapolitan Pizza. Th

The unique italian atmosphere Il pizzaiolo creates with its vintage decor is really something to be enjoyed.
Yet the real proof of this peerless experience is in the eating.
Pizzeria: Il Pizzaiolo
Pizzeria: Il Pizzaiolo
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