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Pizzeria: Il Figlio del Presidente

Il Figlio del Presidente

Ernesto Cacialli was born in Naples November 2, 1949 , grows from street urchin in the alleys of the old town and began working in 1955 at the age of 6 years as a " newsboy " at the pizzeria " Fratelli la Marca" at Forcella on whose marble was supported the pizza that he wrapped " booklet " delivering the customer's hands . At age 12, he was promoted to apprentice baker and was later, in 1964 , at age 15 , to work the dough by hand and form his first loaves for the pizza. The following year he was promoted to pizza maker at the pizzeria " National " . At age 17, he worked with the Pizzeria "dei tre Santi " to the Rione Sanità . From 1967 to 1979 he was chief pizza maker in the " Pizzeria Di Matteo " at Via Tribunali . From 1980 to 2001 was a member of his duties as head of the entire business , both for the department and for the pizzeria fry , taking care of the purchases and public relations. In 1994, on the occasion of the G7 in Naples received the visit of U.S. President Bill Clinton , with all his staff of about 70 people , tasted a pizza prepared by him . It was then that Ernesto became known as " Il Pizzaiolo del Presidente" . After a few years in June 2001 , Ernesto activity undertaken in an independent opening a pizzeria throughout its always in the historic Via dei Tribunali calling for the note " Il Pizzaiolo del Presidente" , gaining an instant success in the world of His great Plan kindness and his outstanding qualities as a man and are still the undisputed master pizza maker and appreciated. Ernesto passed away November 23, 2009 at only 60 years died of an incurable disease. The son Luigi , last scion of the family Cacialli , continues undaunted his father's tradition by creating in 2009 the pizzeria "Il Figlio del Presidente".
Pizzeria: Il Figlio del Presidente
Pizzeria: Il Figlio del Presidente
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