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Located in the dynamic Rockridge district, our restaurant shares a name with the highway that runs from Naples in Campania to Canosa in Puglia. True to our namesake, we gather our inspiration from Italy´s soulful and lively south.
At A16 Rockridge we explore the seafood-rich culture of the Eastern side of the highway. With his deep-rooted Puglian heritage, Chef Rocky Maselli´s cuisine merges the region´s culinary traditions with the bountiful offerings of Northern California. The menu offers a daily selection of antipasti, raw seafood and handmade pastas. The open dining room showcases our two wood-fire ovens from which we produce authentic Neapolitan pizzas and roasted fish and meats.
Complementing the rustic cuisine, Wine Director/owner Shelley Lindgren selects wines to highlight the indigenous grapes of Southern Italy. Our wine list comprises more than 500 selections, focusing on the wines of the Mezzogiorno. Sixty percent of the wines are Italian and the majority are from Southern regions, including Campania, Puglia, Basilicata, Sardinia, and Sicily. In addition to bottles, we also serve over 40 wines by the glass and half bottle carafe. To help you select the best wine for your meal, a sommelier is always available for consultation. The bar features traditional and modern Italian-inspired cocktails and a wide selection of grappa and amaro.
Pizzeria: A16
Pizzeria: A16
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