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Pizzeria: Pizzeria Da Ali

Pizzeria Da Ali

Pizzeria Da Ali has started its business since October, 2013. It is located in Daejeon city, South Korea, where is famous as science town.
Especially Daejeon is located near Sejong City the administrative capital city.
The owner of Da Ali is ALI LEE, Pizzaiolo. He worked oven-searing and studied as a pizzaiolo in Seoul, the capital of South korea.
And then he went alone to Napoli, Italy, finished AVPN training and worked at Al 22 at Napoli.
After he came back to Korea, he started Pizzeria Da Ali.
Through Da Ali, he wants to show Korean customers Originality and the best taste of Napoli Pizza with original Italian foodstuff, ingredients and system, and besides, to offer customers the best service with kindness and coziness.
To reproduce the taste of Naples Original Pizza, Pizzeria Da Ali serves its pizzas cooked in a wood-burning oven from Naples, a coffee made with a coffee machine epoque, wine and beer produced in Italy.
Many people already enjoy spending their time for family reunion or a social gathering at Pizzeria Da Ali.
Pizzeria: Pizzeria Da Ali
Pizzeria: Pizzeria Da Ali
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More info Pizzeria Da Ali's opening hours are 11 Am to 11 Pm, Monday through Saturday.


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