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Pizzeria: Doppio


Continuing our journey with "SOLO PIZZA NAPULITANA", owner and VPN certified Pizzaiolo Amr AlRefai, is taking you deeper into the heart of Napoli, opening his second restaurant "Doppio". A cleverly named place, "Doppio", meaning "double", is both a Pizzeria & Friggitoria. A brand new concept here in Kuwait, "Friggitoria", is a place that sells Napoletan fried street food. Using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients, this Pizzeria & Friggitoria is setting the scene to bring people together through simple, delicious, and genuine Napoletan food.
A crowded, bustling city with a rich culinary tradition, Napoli is well known for its street food. These authentic dishes originated in the back alleys of working-class neighborhoods in Napoli. Each dish is prepared with a deep respect and understanding for the traditions and history of the food itself. Fire kissed pizza cooked in a traditional wood-burning oven, the "Forno a Legna" at "Doppio" was hand crafted by 3rd generation pizza oven artisans and shipped to Kuwait all the way from Napoli. That is what you will find at "Doppio".
Just a stone´s throw away from the posh shops of SALHIA Complex, the rustic settingof "doppio" is a cozy enclave where family and friends can gather, and like the small streets and back alleyways of Napoli, you can always find something great to eat, "Buon Appetito!"
Pizzeria: Doppio
Pizzeria: Doppio
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