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Pizzeria: Pizzeria del Popolo

Pizzeria del Popolo

After sixteen years of experience in one of the historic pizzerias in Naples, Gianni Breglia and Franco Pirno decided to start his own business, finding a little place initially only take away. Now, the district has recognized their talent and quality, so you are equipped to offer too few seats. The cuisine is traditional but everything is prepared strictly according to the rules of art. For the grill: omelettes, arancini, croquettes, highland, timballetti, eggplant, zucchini flowers, pasta and vegetables grown in season. The pizzas are all different and inviting, but they remain the most requested classic margherita, marinara and the fried, stuffed with ricotta Roman or sheep, pork "cicoli" and provolone of Sorrento, just give off that typical smell the cut. The dough to rise for about eight hours, which allows the pizza, spread unevenly, both thin and light, so that it is not uncommon for them to be ordered two each.
Pizzeria: Pizzeria del Popolo
Pizzeria: Pizzeria del Popolo
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