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Pizzeria: Lievito Madre al Duomo - Gino Sorbillo

Lievito Madre al Duomo - Gino Sorbillo

Lievito Madre al Duomo, brother of the successful local on the waterfront of Naples, is not a simple copy of a Neapolitan pizzeria with its choreography and its liturgies comprehensible only to those who have those roots.
Gino Sorbillo in Milan offers a pizza sinking in the tradition but reinforces concepts unknown to the school. New pizzas, in fact. The bar is raised and part of the ingredients, all carefully selected, with a clear message to new customers in Milan can count on a few addresses in value. We start with organic flour and the yeast. The only San Marzano DOP tomato is a Slow Food Presidium. The cheese comes from the Land of Fire that was able to redeem himself and bring a positive message of doing rather than complain. The sign that a controlled supply chain is the best guarantee for all consumers. The oil used is olive oil from organic farming lands Franciscan. The wine section has been dealt with by force. The wine is in the bottles Sorbillo created by the artist Lello Esposito with the profile of a volcano genius ideas. There is a white grape falerna Benevento with fragrant apple annurco. There is red for 'and Palumm from native grapes. But here too we innovate: the cap is screw so it's even easier to take home. The green philosophy wants zero waste. And that is the message that launches the mechanical mixer route is packed with bands from site to signify that here the dough is made by hand. And just for 400 pizzas per day will be charged. Not one more. Gino Sorbillo, accustomed to the monster numbers of its pizzerias of Naples, is a further sign of being stopped at the pizza "just" to make his Neapolitan pizza today.
A bridge between the past and the future is constantly evolving. Made of choices and people. At the counter there Gennaro Salvo you are prepared for a long time for this moment. The oven is neapolitan made. The logs for the fire are environmentally friendly.
And there's also a little cabal. How to Naples, in Milan the number 7 will be declined the offer of antipasti, pizza, soft drinks, sweets. As mentioned, 7 white wines, red wines 7 and 7 desserts with the Ministerial Scaturchio, the ricotta cheese, pear and chocolate Sal De Riso, baba Capparelli.
Pizzeria: Lievito Madre al Duomo - Gino Sorbillo
Pizzeria: Lievito Madre al Duomo - Gino Sorbillo
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