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Pizzeria: Pasta Madre

Pasta Madre

The restaurant Pizzeria Pasta Madre, born as Red Relativo2 of Modena, is housed in a restored country house in Via Fornaci 27, (side road Contrada).
The pizzas and fish dishes are offered in a cozy, warm, colorful and picturesque details.
The most beautiful views of Naples accompany visitors during their journey in the taste of the Neapolitan pizza and cuisine of this charming restaurant.
Pasta Madre offers delicious pizzas and fish dishes, the result of research of delicate flavors and sincere obtained by the use of fresh ingredients and mostly from Campania.
Our restaurant was created by experience of holders who have a knowledge twenty years in the restaurant business.
As a consequence of the results obtained in the management and operation of scrupulous similar activities in Modena, it was our desire to start this new place, to make more comfortable and pleasant your evenings.
Pizzeria: Pasta Madre
Pizzeria: Pasta Madre
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