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Pizzeria: Pizzeria Franco

Pizzeria Franco

The restaurant and pizzeria Franco, in business since 1966, is located in the center of the city of Naples in the course Arnaldo Lucci in front of the Central Station. The love of pizza has been handed down from Francesco to the father Marco, pizza maker of excellence, the son and grandson of the old school, and his mother Maria only pizzaiola on shovel since the early 70s in meant that Franco began at an early age to learn the art of pizza. The teachings received in inheritance gave way to Franco to continue the family tradition.
In 2014 the turning point for Franco. The renovation, expansion of the structure and the establishment of a working relationship with a new-found friend the same age, the pizza chef Diego Vitagliano, a childhood friend, gave birth to a new location dedicated to the choice of first-class products to the care of dough and baking the pizzas going back in time, recreating every day the real taste of Neapolitan pizza, handed down by the old pizza masters. Francesco and Diego, although young, who come from many years of great experience.
Pizzeria: Pizzeria Franco
Pizzeria: Pizzeria Franco
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