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Pizzeria: 400° Gradi

400° Gradi

Dear lovers of pizza, you want a place to find pleasure for your palate? 400 Gradi is the perfect place. You can enjoy the famous Neapolitan pizza, made special by the famous Pizzaioli Veraci that with careful selection of local products and quality ensure a result that leaves you speechless. Located in a strategic position, near the Foro Boario, you can easily find parking without going through the streets of the center, and be an excellent pizzeria for those who are looking for peace in the lunch break.

At the entrance there is a bench with a wide choice of pizza slices to satisfy even those who lunch and dine on the fly. On the right there is a large oven that cooks the pizzas to a temperature of 400 Gradi, providing a real delicacy. The tables are arranged along a corridor that leads to a small room staked by so many bright colors and lively. The yellow ocher and wood give rise to a warm and welcoming atmosphere that is molded with the helpful and accurate, ready to meet all demands.
Pizzeria: 400° Gradi
Pizzeria: 400° Gradi
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