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Pizzeria: Trattoria Pizzeria Allegro Ashiya

Trattoria Pizzeria Allegro Ashiya

In a shopping street is not much frequented, in a room once used as a cafe, we opened a chain restaurant "Allegro", but managed with the attention that reserves at a single store. Conceived as a chain of restaurants where you can go in any time, was opened in 2006 by the owner, and his pizza has reached the 6th place in the world ranking. We realize the true Neapolitan pizza with a wood oven and traditional Italian cuisine, that customers can easily eat with great expectations.
3 times a week we receive fresh cheeses from Italy. We also have wine bought by ourselves in Italy. Our chain offers fresh fish taken directly from fishmongers every morning, freshly caught. A pastry chef produces the typical Italian pastries.
Pizzeria: Trattoria Pizzeria Allegro Ashiya
Pizzeria: Trattoria Pizzeria Allegro Ashiya
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