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Pizzeria: 'O Scugnizzo

'O Scugnizzo

The pizzeria 'O Scugnizzo is in Arezzo in the historic center. The Via de Redi is a quaint little alley that intersects with Corso Italy, the heart of the city, a goal of classic walk. A few steps the church of St Francis in which you can admire the frescoes in the "Legend of the True Cross" by Piero della Francesca. But everything to do with the beauty of the place and the works of art you'll find elsewhere ... here we must mention the pizza. Our pizza is a true Neapolitan pizza made with ingredients carefully selected, as traditionally worked in the old days. There's a surprise in more 'O Scugnizzo: a beer list really important Italian and foreign beers strictly craft and quality, most of them unknown even if not to a niche audience. Good music make the atmosphere even hotter: jazz, blues, soul or depending on the mood of mast '. So what? Whether you are near or far you are coming to visit us and you are welcome!
Pizzeria: 'O Scugnizzo
Pizzeria: 'O Scugnizzo
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