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Pizzeria: La Nostra Pizzeria Napoletana

La Nostra Pizzeria Napoletana

It all started five years ago when we built our first Wood Fired Brick Oven at home. We started experimenting and making pizzas then. I travel the world quite often so whenever in different cities I go on the internet in search of the best pizzerias in town. Among all the top pizzerias that I like the common denominator was that it was Napolitan Style Pizza. I looked more into it wanting to learn how to make Napolitan style pizza and found out about AVPN. This is where I applied to the course and immersed on the whole pizza culture in Naples. That is where I decided that I want to share the love for Napolitan Pizza in my hometown Cebu, Philippines. I then opened up La Nostra Pizzeria Napoletana, my first Pizzeria which I hope to be accredited with the AVPN.
Pizzeria: La Nostra Pizzeria Napoletana
Pizzeria: La Nostra Pizzeria Napoletana
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