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Pizzeria: PassaParola


Pizzeria Ristorante makes inroads Passaparola in the city of Prato, in Via Galileo Galilei 8, thanks to the management of Dr. Mauro Faggi now known entrepreneur Prato that has always been the expression of quality and territorial coverage.
The novelty of his new restaurant is to join two absolute excellence of Made in Italy, the first are the ravioli fresh pasta, produced by expert "stendine" working the dough to view using food and refined quality. The second is just the Pizza, Italian extraordinary expression. In particular Dr. Mauro Beech approached the extraordinary world of the True Neapolitan Pizza echoing and was fascinated by the art that express the masters Pizzaioli.
This beautiful picture is painted in a wonderful setting, unique because rented along the river with a garden of over 1000 meters, with more than 200 seats and a barbecue always ready. Do not miss the Tuscan hospitality, but above all the sympathy and the genius of our pizza chefs specialized in.
Pizzeria: PassaParola
Pizzeria: PassaParola
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